Private Event Request Form

  1. Please complete and submit the form below to obtain approval and guidelines to hold a private event / party on common property at Sun Bay Club / Villas of Lake Destiny. 
  2. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you have reviewed all rules and will abide by them.
  3. This application must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event. 
  4. The Board(s) will review and provide TENTATIVE approval assuming you meet all requirements. You will be notified via the email you provided on the form of your "TENTATIVE" approval.  Final approval will not be granted until the appropriate Board receives a copy of the Liability Insurance Certificate AND your mandatory $100 refundable deposit.   Liability Insurance may be available for a single day via your Homeowner's insurance or, if not, google "Private Event Liability Insurance".  Several insurance companies provide event insurance.
  5. By submitting this form you are acknowledging that you have reviewed all Pool and Spa rules and agree to adhere to them.
  6. The refundable deposit (cash or check) must be provided to a member of your Board once tentative approval is granted.  Final Approvals will be provided via email as quickly as possible. Do NOT proceed with scheduling / planning until you have received your FINAL approval email. 
  7. Please note that you are required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance and you will be held responsible for any damages or injuries.  The Associations of both communities will not be held liable. 
  8. All rules must be followed.  Failure to do so may result in your event being cancelled or closed down.  Failure to abide by rules may result in monetary fines and / or police action.

Before submitting the form, be sure to check recipients listed at the bottom.