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How to prepare the import file:

  1. Download this import template.
  2. Open the template in a spreadsheet editor (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets).
  3. Starting with the second row, add one member per line.
  4. Export/save the file as a CSV file.

Things to note:

  • For the "Account Type" column, you can use any of .
  • The email address column is optional, but recommended. Without it, the member will only be a partial member.
  • Members with the same address and account type will be automatically grouped into the same account.
  • For importing, only one address can be specified per account; additional addresses can be added later.
  • For addresses in your community, only provide the street address and unit number (if applicable).
  • Addresses located in a different country than your community will need to be added after importing.

Need more guidance? Check out this handy help article.